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"We use Porreca to assist us with all of our local trade show cartage. They're experts when it comes to the ins and outs from show venues in Chicago. Great to work with their team!"

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Surcharge adjusted due to high fuel costs. All fuel surcharge % are based on government's diesel price as found on the following link: Weekly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices

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Accessorials & Specials

Accessorial Fees are charged for services above and beyond the pickup or delivery of the shipment itself. Specials are charged when the services performed are done within a time frame beyond the scope of standard service times or hours. We perform many additional services and for each service performed, additional fees apply. Specific rates for these services are available here.

Convention Fees:

A convention fee will be added to all shipments picking up from or delivering to a convention center.

Hospital / Military / School Fees:

A Hospital or School or Military Base Fee will be added to all shipments picking up from or delivering to a Hospital or School or Military Base.

Hotel Pickups & Delivery Fees:

A Hotel Fee will be added to all shipments picking up from or delivering to a hotel.

Inside Pickups & Deliveries:

A truck level dock facility is a truck dock where a straight truck and tractor-trailer can back directly up to the dock and a forklift can be driven into the vehicle from the warehouse floor. If a company does not have a truck level dock they will be charged an inside fee, whether the driver is loaded/offloaded outside of the building or if he has to physically enter the building to recover or deliver the freight.

Liftgate Service Fees:

A lift gate is used for oversized or heavy freight that needs to be brought to or from ground level because the pickup or delivery location does not have a “truck level dock facility” and appropriate loading/offloading equipment.

Pallet Jack Fees:

A pallet jack is used when the company has no dock and the shipment must be brought inside or to a location away from the back of the truck. Drivers can be asked to bring these along to assist with the pickup or delivery and a pallet jack fee will apply.

Residential Fees:

A residential fee is charged in addition to all other applicable fees and charges when a shipment is picked up or delivered to a residence. This includes houses, apartments, condominiums, etc.

Two Man Fees:

A two-man pickup / delivery requires that a second man go With the driver to assist in loading / unloading the shipment. In the city of Chicago, a second driver is sometimes needed so one man can go inside a hotel or business location and check-in While the driver circles the block as there is no location to park the vehicle.

Waiting Time Charges:

When trucks arrive at a pick or delivery location such as a convention center, they check in at the Marshalling Yard and are given a Number in line to be loaded / offloaded. They may wait for several hours or more and in some cases have to return the next day before they are called up. After the first 15 minutes of waiting, waiting time charges will be assessed per hour or portion thereof. Waiting time charges may also apply at other locations as well if a driver is required to wait beyond 15 minutes before the freight is loaded onto or off-loaded from their vehicle.


All shipments that are picked up or delivered outside of an eight hour window on Monday-Friday on non-holidays, a special charge may apply. These are automatically applied to all shipments picked up or delivered on weekends or holidays, before before 8am or after 5pm, or specifically requested for pick up or delivery before noon.

Fuel Surcharges:

Fuel surcharges are needed to cover the increasing costs associated with high fuel costs. Because these costs fluctuate regularly, we adjusted our fuel surcharge percentages based on government's diesel price as found on the following link:

Transfer Fees:

For all shipments that are picked up by Porreca Freight and transferred to another carrier, we charge a transfer fee.